Sanda Marin – the best Romanian cookery book

Sanda Marin was a lady with a beautiful and remarkable presence of interwar high society. An elegant figure, cultured, aristocratic and very talented in the art of gastronomy.


Cecilia Simionescu – this is the true name of “sandeimarinului”. Cecilia was born in Iasi, in a family of prominent intellectuals. Her father Ion Simionescu, was a geographer and president of the Romanian Academy.

Cecilia received education at the best schools and with the best rated tutors. As a teenager she spoke perfect german, french and english. The family home is visited by important figures of interwar intellectual elite and Cecilia has the opportunity to listen to ideas and participate in discussions, full of passion and great controversy.

After her marriage to Mr. Zapan, it is said she was one of the most charming hosts and loved to welcome guests with exquisite gourmet delights.

Dissatisfied with Romanian cuisine books available on the market, Cecilia thinks that she can write a complete and comprehensive edition. She signs the book under the name: Sanda Marin.


So began the saga of one of the most reprinted editions of Romanian publication, “sandamarinu” became a favourite cookbook for Romanian cuisine since 1936 and the most comprehensive collection of traditional recipes

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